Pre-workout coffee protein shakeThe next time you are about to pour your cold left over coffee down the drain, give your head a shake.  Save that coffee – I show you how in the video below and make a delicious pre-workout shake that will give you a wee jolt of caffeine which helps your body mobilize your free fatty acids.  This means your body makes fat more available as an energy source while you are training and helps spare your sugars, so you have more of them available for when you need them.

Oh yeah, it tastes AWESOME, is not loaded with calories like the ones you see in coffee shops (but tastes as good) and it won’t cost you $4.75 (more like just $0.75 if that).

Here’s how to make it – no editing in this video, this is exactly how long it takes to make it.  I use chocolate protein powder and it is so good.  Please notice (and envy) my Ninja Blender 🙂

Can’t see the video above?  Just click the link below…

Drink up!

PS – a pre and post workout shake is a great way to get the calories and building blocks your body needs to repair and rebuild tissue.  You can do the same thing with a whole food snack as well, but we provide BioSteel pre and post workout shakes for free to all of our athletes are RevCon just to make it super easy.