box hopsDid you see the video of a famous baseball players jumping up onto a stack of 52 (or something) of those ‘steps’?  His knees were right up under his chin and the box swayed back and forth as he landed – – and he was very please with himself.

Me? A little part of my soul died

This is the equivalent of Evel Knievel jumping over those buses…it makes you go ‘wow’ at first but if you stop to think about it, then you say ‘why’?  

It is a daredevil stunt, NOT athlete training.  I repeat…NOT athlete training.

I covered this in more detail over on my hockey training blog >> HERE

This video shows you why it is not appropriate training for an athlete…

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World renowned Strength and Conditioning Coach Mike Boyle talked about it >> HERE in an article appropriately named “Stop the box jump stupidity” – ah Mike, so eloquent with your words, I love it.

What we both point out is this…

What an athlete should be concerned with is displacement of the centre of mass (think height off the ground they can elevate their belly button) and land with proper mechanics (basically the opposite movement of the jump initiation).  How high you can pull your knees up to your chin has very little to do with power production.

Add to that the increased risk of injury with these stunts and there is no benefit.

Unless your purpose is just to look cool to the masses – like Evel – – then maybe you are on to something.  You can become the Evel Knievel of box jumping for all I care – might a suggest some sort of red, white and blue outfit (with lots of stars of course).

And there…I rest my case.

PS – don’t forget our annual Christmas Eve workout is ready to roll at 7am and 8am for all current RevCon athletes and RevCon alumni – just let me know if you are coming so I can make sure we have enough Champagne 😉 …for the grown ups only – the kids get OJ

Happy crew after the 7am workout last Christmas Evel

Happy crew after the 7am workout last Christmas Evel