If you still do “Russian Twists” you better watch this video right now.

Think of the exercise I am about to show you as the non-spine-shearing version of the Russian Twist.  The version that will actually teach your abdominals to stabilize – – like what you want them to do when you are running, battling for a lose puck in the corner or booting a soccer ball.

[kad_youtube url=”https://youtu.be/AWRRuqjgObA” ]

Do 10-15 passes from hand to hand and start with 4-5lbs, once that is perfect and you are generating good speed, you can increase the resistance.


PS – what a beautiful day out today – Monday is the day I work from home on my other business – www.HockeyTrainingPro.com and I feel pretty lucky to be sitting out on the back deck writing article and answering emails from customers.  Although…wow – is that sun ever low in the sky 🙂