If you don’t have a grasp on proper acceleration/deceleration mechanics yet, then you don’t need to worry about adding neural complexity, that will only hamper your progress.  But if you have been training with us for a while, this is the next step to make it more sport relevant.

Only sprinters know exactly where they are going at full speed, any other sport requires some element of read and react, where the athlete processes what they are seeing and feeling or what their opponent is doing and then responding.

This Triangle Drill adds a level of neural complexity, here’s how it works (then you can watch the video).

  • Cones are set out in a triangle pattern, where the athletes share some of the same cones as part of their triangle pattern while facing the opposite direction.
  • The cone directly in front of the athlete is #1, back and to the right is #2 and back and to the left is #3.
  • The athletes start in the middle and their goal is to get to the correct cone and back to the middle as quickly as possible.

We were training speed on this day, so the cones are quite close together.  If we were focusing on more stamina, they would be further apart.

Now check out the video to see it in action.
If the video below will not play for you, here is the link
>> https://youtu.be/KXmKzfyWwNM

Happy training!