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This is the data from my run yesterday #redline

This is the data from my run yesterday #redline

You have probably noticed the TVs up in the gym over the past few weeks and they aren’t there so you can watch Oprah while doing your workouts (sorry #notsorry).  They are there so we can monitor your heart rate – you can get a true measure of how much energy you are expending and how much recovery you need between sets.

These monitors are what serious athletes use to document progress, so it is a natural fit for what we do at RevCon.

The awesome part is that the belt will record your workouts when you are away from the gym and then when you come into the gym, it will automatically sync.

There is also a mobile app (for iOS and Android) so you can see your progress anytime.

If you do not have your MyZone belt yet, then make sure you ask me about it this week because I am subsidizing them until this Friday (February 19th) at noon to help you get started.  This is for current RevCon athletes only.

If you do have your belt – make sure you follow these steps to link your belt with the RevCon dashboard…

[kad_youtube url=”https://youtu.be/-rY8u41fOHM” ]

No one else is using this type of system to ensure their athletes at all levels are actually getting the work (and the rest) that they need.  It’s exciting!

Let me know what questions you have.