basketball trainingA few weeks ago I gave you one way to turbo-boost your core planks, but today I want to get you off the floor, you are going to get upright and stabilize through your hips and torso while you are performing work with your arms.


Sounds a lot more functional for your sport doesn’t it?

All you need to complete this exercise is either an adjustable cable column at your gym or a medium resistance band at home.

It is one of those sneaky ‘harder than it looks’ exercises that I love so much.  If you are finding it easy, then chances are very, very high that your front foot is not directly in line with your back knee.  Giving yourself a wider base of support will make the exercise much, much easier AND reduce the stabilization load on your hips and torso.

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How many?

Start three sets of eight on each side.  Make sure you pause at the top and the bottom of the movement – this makes it harder.

That’s it!  Go forth and dominate!


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