London ontario athlete trainingDon’t get me wrong, I am not talking bout getting strong glutes so you can strut around Grand Bend like Kim Kardashian.  I know you are all about performance and every athlete should want strong glutes.

They are your power house for sprinting, accelerating and they even help you stop on a dime.  What you also should know is this, strengthening your glutes can also help reduce the wear and tear on your back and reduce your risk of injuries such as patellofemoral pain and the dreaded ACL tear.

So let’s take a look at the Hip Drive…

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There are bar pads that you can put around the bar so it does not dig into your hip bones quite so much, but if your gym does not have one, don’t you dare tell me that is the reason you couldn’t do the exercise.  You can put a folded towel, exercise mat or Airex pad across your lap and that will do the trick.  It doesn’t have to look pretty.

  • check and double check your set up to make sure the box or bench you are using will not shift or tip
  • start with 3 sets of 6-8 reps
  • make sure you are not jamming into the top position – this will lead to hyperextension at your lower back
  • think about squeezing your glutes as you lift and at the top of the movement
  • lower the weight back down until the plates touch on each side
  • if your gym has 10lbs bumper plates (they are the same size as a 45lbs plate) use those to start; they will give you good height from the floor.  If they don’t, ask them to get some.

There, it is a simple as that.  Team RevCon athletes love this one – almost as much as Trap Bar Deadlift 🙂 our Varsity (high school) Group athletes are typically lifting over 225lbs on this one (not the first day mind you).

Give it a try, but start light, get the technique and the balance first.

Happy training!


PS – All the best to team RevCon goalie Carson Poulin as he takes his talents to the Erie Otters MiniCamp this weekend.  Here is a young man who has done a great job of managing what he can control and making the best of every situation – he has earned this opportunity.