You are doing a great job at RevCon, let’s keep it going. The key to success as an athlete – regardless of your sport is the relentless pursuit of excellence. That means practicing hard, but also looking after the other details, like your flexibility, stabilizer strength, movement mechanics, strength and power.

I have put together this home program for you. It is meant to be a bodyweight only program, so you can do it anywhere without any equipment, BUT you could hold a 5lbs dumbbells for your Sumo Squat once your form is perfect.

Be VERY picky with your form – if you are doing the exercises with poor technique, you are reinforcing compensatory patterns and setting yourself up for injury.

If you attend two sessions per week at RevCon, then do this workout once.

For those of you who only can make it once per week to RevCon, then you must do it twice.  

Make sure you record your workouts – I will want to see your completed sheet before I create the next phase for you all.

Just click HERE for the PDF >>  Home Workout

You can click on an image of any exercise to see a video tutorial so you know exactly what to do.

If you are not sure what to do or you feel joint pain (as opposed to tired muscles) when you do any of the exercises, please stop and ask Coach about it the next time you are in.

I made the workout so you can get it done in about 20-minutes, so no excuses 🙂


PS – keep that great focus in the gym – you will be amazed at the difference you will see at the end of this phase.