baseball trainingI see this exercise shown on YouTube videos, sports channels and trainer websites – it makes me cringe every time because not only is it a dangerous exercise, it gives an athlete a false sense of accomplishment.  They are tricked into thinking their legs are like springs.

Before I tell you the truth about this explosive power exercise, I want to send a shout out to Team RevCon athlete Jeff Francis for getting his first win as a New York Yankee!  Jeff was picked up by the Yankees last Friday and was able to get three outs in the 14th inning yesterday to help the Yanks win the day.

Truth About The Box Hop

The truth is this exercise does not reward those with leg power, it rewards those who are good at pulling their knees up to their chin – – and that is useful in sport…oh wait, no it isn’t.

So if you have ever done box hop ups for your athlete training or seen athletes doing box hop ups, you better watch the video below to understand the right and wrong way to use this exercise to develop explosive legs for hockey, soccer, basketball or whatever sport you are doing.  It is a great tool as long as you use it properly, do it wrong and you might end up needing stitches.

If you cannot see the video in the player, just click the link below…

Happy training!

PS – Keep your eyes open for Team RevCon athlete Damian Warner as he heads to Glasgow, Scotland where he will compete in Decathlon at the Commonwealth Games.  Stay tuned.