London ontario athlete trainingAsk any athlete what they work on in the gym and they will list off any number of strength exercises.

Ask any multi-directional athlete what they need to step up to that elusive “next level” and they will invariably say “speed”.

It is probably in your top three list as well isn’t it?

Should you stop emphasizing strength?

That would be a huge – – HUGE – – mistake.

Developing strength is one of the best ways to improve your power.  It is essential.

But you must make sure that you (or your strength coach) are taking the steps that will translate that strength into maximum power output.

Are you perfecting your movement mechanics?

If you are not specifically practicing deceleration and acceleration mechanics, then the answer is no – – and you are leaving a ton of speed on the table.

Is your speed and power workout one of your toughest workouts of the week – it shouldn’t be.

Here’s why…

If I had a dollar for every time I said this and $2 for every time I saw a trainer or athlete mess this up, I would be rich, rich, RICH!

Let me make it a simple no brainer for you.

Is speed fast or slow? That is not a trick question.

Speed is fast right?

When you get tired, do you get faster or slower?  Again…not a trick question.

You get slower right?

So if your speed workout is a tough workout and you are getting slower from the start to the end, do you see how you are no longer training speed?  You have lost the opportunity to become more explosive.

Don’t get me wrong – – it is fine to get pooped – that is what your stamina days are for.

If you cannot tell the difference between your speed day and your stamina day, then you have a problem – – again, leaving potential speed on the table.

Click HERE to see the three most common mistakes that keep you slow and injury prone!

Feed your speed…

  • build your strength
  • include explosive power exercises
  • limit speed/power exercises to 4-10 seconds with 3-5 times the rest interval
  • include movement drills so you are moving more efficiently and becoming more injury resistant

Now go get it!


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