turkey dinnerSo if you are lucky enough to be one of our athletes who is trying to pack on muscle and has trouble getting enough calories the good news is…have at ‘er!

For Michael Marinaro or Trennt Michaud – you’ve got six family Christmas dinners to attend in 3 days — ‘Yes please’!

Enjoy – your strategy is this – keep up with your training, eat lots, emphasize the proteins, veggies and minimize the full on sugar.

Now for the other 97% of us, here’s what we are going to do…

We are going to choose our moments, make some better choices and continue or even up our training a little bit – no excuses for not exercising.  Yes, I know the holidays are busy – but you are not at work every day AND getting away for a quick workout is a great excuse to grab a little time for yourself.

It is all about priorities.

I sat down with Registered Dietician Lisa Cianfrini, MSc of www.NutriGeneRD.com to get her advice on eating over the holidays and she had some gems including…

  • what to load up on at cocktail parties (regrettably it is not those little meatballs in the crock pot)
  • is it okay to eat that spinach dip in the bread bowl (I was surprised by this one)
  • what should you load onto your Christmas dinner plate to minimize the eater’s remorse come December 26th?

[kad_youtube url=”http://youtu.be/8IsdECBFqFg” ]
If you don’t see the video above, just click this link


Hope your Christmas and holiday preparations are going well – I hit the mall this weekend at 10am on Sunday and it was pretty much empty – other than bumping into Team RevCon athlete Jeff Francis as he was doing a little Christmas shopping of his own (I confirmed that he has my sizes and preferred colours, etc.).  So that might be a good time to head out if you have not started yours yet.

Have an awesome day – catch you later.

PS – we are doing the annual Christmas Eve workout again this year – 7am for our Masters athletes (grown ups) and 8am for the Varsity group athletes.  Last year the workout I made for the Varsity group was a super bagger with a few guys on the verge of barfing – guess the Christmas spirit overtook me a little too much.  I promise to make it a little more tame.

This is open to current and former Team RevCon athletes (you can even bring a friend if you want) but you must let us know that you are coming so I can plan the program to accommodate the numbers.  As always, it is a FREEBIE for you – Merry Christmas from Team RevCon!

If you are coming, just email me – maria(AT)revolutionconditioning.com