Our Mission:

At Revolution Conditioning, we are driven by three words, three core values:

  1. STRENGTH –strength of body and character
  2. PASSION –passion for what you do; if you don’t love it – STOP
  3. DISCIPLINE –discipline to do what needs to be done to achieve your goals, for us the discipline to make our training decisions based on what is right for the athlete first – always.

To help athletes achieve their goals and live their dreams using our proven, but constantly evolving training systems. We have done our job when the athletes we work with experience a long, successful and healthy career in the sport(s) of their choice regardless of their age or level of competition.


  • Strategic, progressive training systems so you won’t stagnate or burn out
  • Proven by World, Olympic and Stanley Cup Champions, but applicable to young guns and weekend warriors alike
  • We are here to give you a helping hand, not hold your hand – you need to bring you motivation and discipline
  • Emphasis on injury prevention, so you can stay in the game
  • Skilled coaches who can fine tune your training to meet your current level and get you maximum results
  • Train alongside other motivated, goal oriented athletes
  • Pre and post workout nutritional support so you don’t have to worry about forgetting your protein shake at home
  • MyZone training system so we can see how YOUR body is responding to the training stimulus by monitoring your heart rate response
  • Team environment, once you are a member of Team RevCon, you are one of us for life!


It took Maria six years to find the right coach to join Team RevCon and since starting Revolution Conditioning in 2005, she has found only two who meet the standard.

Maria Mountain MSc
Maria Mountain MScFounder
Continuing to do Team RevCon’s Program Design, her other focus is helping Hockey Goalies reach the ultimate stage with her new adventure – Goalie Training Pro Inc
Tyler Doig CPTN
Tyler Doig CPTNOwner/Strength Coach
Tyler took over Ownership of Revolution Conditioning in September of 2019 and he looks forward to continuing on with the RevCon Mission of helping more athletes reach their goals and live their dreams.
Michael Hughes BSc
Michael Hughes BScStrength Coach
Focused on delivering science based, strategic coaching to our athletes to give them the best chance to reach their goals and live their dreams


I know we have earned a reputation for helping the best athletes in the world achieve their goals.  When you see athletes like Virtue, Moir, Warner and Zadorsky on our wall of fame you might think that you are not at that level, that RevCon is not the right place for you.

Remember, when they came through the door, they were just like you; an athlete with a dream.

Regardless of your current level, your age or your goal, keep reading to see if you are one of us…

We are committed to excellence.

Our goal is not to make you tired – anyone in the world can do that, it literally takes no education, experience or skill.

Our goal is to help you develop to your athletic potential, whatever that may be.  For some of you it will mean:

  • The Olympics
  • National Teams
  • NHL
  • MLB
  • OHL
  • NBA
  • NFL

For some of you it will mean:

  • Running your first 5k
  • Making the move from AA to AAA
  • Finally finishing that Triathlon without constant knee pain
  • Keeping up with the younger guys at men’s hockey
  • Pitching a full season without a dead arm and getting that NCAA scholarship
  • Qualifying for OFSAA or finally winning a medal there
  • Playing rec volleyball and actually being a difference maker out there

We start on time.

We focus on doing things the right way, with the right technique.

We take ownership of our successes AND failures.

We don’t rely on someone else to motivate us to want it, we want it more for ourselves than anyone ever could.

If that sounds like you, then congratulations, you are one of us.

Achieve Your Athletic Potential

Proven training systems to suit your current level and future goals.

Join The Revolution