It is a common mistake and it could be stunting your development as an athlete.

Yes, you need to be strong, but you need to be functionally strong.  Brute strength is good, but athletic strength is the holy grail.

Being powerful is awesome, but explosive, agile, athletic power makes you indispensable.

The good news is, we can train those qualities and take you from average to outstanding; from gifted to elite.  In fact, some of our most elite performers (the ones you see standing on the Olympic podium) were using these exercises before they started training the RevCon way.

Start by eliminating the three exercises in the video from your training (regardless of whether you play football, basketball, hockey, soccer, run track and field or figure skate) and start doing the ones I show you.  Then notice how much better you feel in training and competition, like you body will actually do exactly what you tell it to do.

If you cannot see the video above, here is the link –

Happy training!

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